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Karlsruher Integrationspreis 2019 ist ausgeschrieben.
Die Ausschreibung finden Sie hier unter
Integrationspreis Karlsruhe.


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Thank you for your interest in our work. We seek to eliminate prejudices
by fostering exchanges, meetings, conversation, and a wide range of activities.
You are invited to discover how the different cultures enrich our community
and how we can reach out to one another to increase understanding through
constructive dialogue.
ibz was founded in 1995 following a resolution of  the City Council of Karlsruhe.
Since 2013 ibz is a registered non-profit association. Members are associations and
organizations from throughout the City. We work against hostility towards
foreigners and against all forms of extremism.
Please visit us. We look forward to meeting you.
Your ibz-team


Three times a year we organize a cultural program the” kulturdialog”. The events within this program cover three main topics: cross cultural, interreligious, and political.




Ibz offers people from around the world the opportunity to take part in different projects and cultural exchanges. Click here and read.

Room Rentals

ibz ‘s central location with parking and excellent tram connections is ideal for your events. We offer a hall a café and smaller rooms for your activities.